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The shape of the teeth before T.M.J treatment.
upper teeth tilt inside and deep bite

Just after T.M.J treatment


Before T.M.J treatment
The length of the left leg is more 35mm longer than the right


Doctor puts the appliance in patient's mouth and couple of seconds later
There is no other treatment done except that take Bionator(orthodontic appliance) in his mouth.

Before T.M.J treatmen
She doesn't raise her right arm well.

Just after T.M.J treatment
Can see that she raise her right arm quiet well.



It is X-ray pictures about before and after treatment of the fifteen-year-old boy who has malocclusion.




Before T.M.J treatment
His spine is bent like "S"

A hour later after T.M.J treatment
His spine's shape is better than before T.M.J treatment

* These pictures show that dental occlusion has much influence in shape of people's spine.

The shape of the spine a week after treatment
Can see that the shape of the spine is almost normal.

00 Jo, Female, 37
This patient tried artificial insemination five times for 9 years but all trials were unsuccessful. And she came to our clinic to treat sterility. The couple had no significant problem except that the prolactin(the hormone that make a body to secrete breast milk) level was 2 times higher than normal levels. Then, she get pregnant after a year T.M.J treatment and gave birth to a baby boy. She said "T.M.J treatment contributes to my pregnant almost 100%" .
(Patient proving cases, page 220 in my book)






The eyes after taking out appliance from the patient.

The eyes after taking appliance





Before T.M.J treatment - Hard to bend his back.(the patient with back problem)
He said that he usually got a pain on the back after driving car about 2 hours.


After occlusional adjustment and seconds later - He can bend quite well.
He said that he hadn't hurt even he drove car more than 10 hours after taking T.M.J treatment.





It is a shape of energy radiated from the tips of the fingers before taking T.M.J appliance. The Kirlian camera was used to take this picture.

After taking T.M.J appliance. You can see that the shape of energy flow is quite well before.





Before treatment

After treatment

0 Jeong, Male, 23

  A picture on the left shows condition of the neck before starting treatment. The patient copied and brought this picture which is taken in the 00 University Hospital to my clinic.
The patient brings a picture on the right to my clinic three months after started treatment. The patient felt that his neckache and other symptoms got better so he went to department of radiology without telling me and took the picture to check the condition of his neck bone. In the left picture, the neck bone is almost vertical. In the right picture taken after treatment, on the other hand, the neck bone bends like 'C'(a normal neck bone should be bent like alphabet 'C'). Interestingly, the patient's relatives, a professor of Orthopedic Surgery Pediatric in Seoul National University Hospital, saw the picture and said "How can change the shape of the neck bone like this by dental treatment?" , So he didn't believe this fact.



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