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Most people have interests in long legs. The average height of teenagers today is much higher by eating well. And short people tend to get intimidated by it and try various things to get taller.

The growth clinics of general hospitals are always crowded with children who want to get hormone therapy. The effects of this hormone therapy are said to work on the age of 17 for men and 15 for women, that is, it is affective to get the treatment before a growth plate closes.
But this hormone therapy works on people who did growth due to environmental causes while they are genetically normal. And one should think about its side effects. Dr. Luigi Greco of Napoli University in Italy pointed out that there is a danger of side effect to inject growth hormone just because a child is small and short. According to other experiments, there was a report that says if a child is injected with growth hormone artificially just because a child is short, then he/she might get tall but there's a chance of having leukemia. Growth hormone artificially forces the growth of cells; this is an action which you want to do whatever on your own cell.

It is possible to develop a disorder in immune system especially on resistance if a child is forced to get hormone therapy even if he/she is under circumstance of being short. So I think it would be a wise choice to avoid an injection of artificial growth hormone if possible.
For a case of familial dwarfism, that is genetically inherited dwarfism, which is 80% case of a dwarfism, the affect is minimal with growth hormone therapy and can be very limitable even it works. People usually believe they don't grow because of the lack of hormone, however, there are more people with dwarfism from lack of thyroid hormone in reality. As a matter, there are cases that they don't grow because of chronic diseases, or skeletal disease such as cartilage disorder or rachitis.
I would like to look at this problem with a person with TMJ dysfunction point of view.

As mentioned several times before, TMJ dysfunction highly affects pituitary hormone. Pituitary hormone has direct control over growth hormone and thyroid hormone which plays crucial role in height growth. Therefore, if there's a problem in produce and excretion of pituitary gland would of course affect growth and thyroid hormones and influence the height growth.
Also, we should notice the symptoms, so called the growth failure syndrome, such as digestive disorders, rhinitis, allergic disorders, skin disorders, diarrhea, constipation, an unbalanced diet, anorexia, stomachache, pimples, tonsillitis, headaches, dizziness, chronic fatigue, learning disorder, and more can suppress the height growth.
These growth failure syndromes, as this book has been presenting continuously, have very close relationship with teeth and through orthodontic treatments these syndromes can be cured over 80%. Thus, an orthodontic treatment has a lot to do with height growth. What I am mentioning right now is about the height growth within genetic ranges and not about everyone with dwarfism.
We should notice that sometimes a child is short when his/her parents are both tall and vice versa. One could get specific reason behind that by having a thorough genetic examination but it is not easy. Also it is not easy to estimate on how much would a person grow even is he/she has a tall gene.

Generally, the normal predicted value of height is found by adding the heights of mother and father then divide it by two. A boy should then add 6.5 cm and a girl subtract 6.5cm with +/- 10cm margin of error.

But then, 10 cm margin of effort in this calculation is huge. That is, a same person can have a height 20cm taller or shorter which doesn't count as a chance to estimate the height. (For example, a person with 170cm could have been from 160cm to 180cm.)
Therefore I give a careful educated guess that if you aren't suffering from serious dwarfism, then you might grow taller with TMJ treatment, good nutrition, exercise, good sleep, and constant care with environment even if your parents are relatively short. (Since this experiment can't be done with lab mice that I only give a careful guess)

I often hear from some of my patients that they've grown taller after TMJ treatment. One teenage boy in middle school was in a middle height in a class then after a year with calibration he became one of the tallest guys in the class. He was grown 20 cm taller over a year and there was no friend in his class who's grown like him.

For anyone who wants to grow more, the following should help you.

1. Eat natural food

Try eating as less meat as possible, and try eating vegetables, onions, spinach, kimchi, anchovies, beans, wheat, brown rice, etc. (For more information on diet, read 'the indestructible truth about health' by Hyun Pil Ahn.)
Note according to an experiment of Dr. Barbara Dennison, a pediatric specialist of Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital in the U.S., it is good to avoid drinking fruit juice for drinking fruit juice everyday (over 340g a day) then there are chances of getting fat three times easier and not growing. Dr. Dennison states that it is because excessive juice drinking would consume too much sugar and gets too full to not eat food with good nutrition. As in eastern medicine, please note that apples, oranges, juice, strawberries, grapes, pineapples, kiwis, grapefruits, lemons, yogurt, Yoplait, fresh garlic, spicy kimchi and peppers have strong scents and high organic acids and these augment inflammation by stimulating allergic substances and inflammations of the body that degrades immune system and wastes energy so it is not good for a person with dwarfism.

2. There is a close relationship between excretion of growth hormone and a deep sleep.

It is best to sleep from around 10pm until 6am. Growth hormone is produced mainly after two hours after falling asleep and the excretion is very active between 11pm and 3:40am that sleeping early is one of the important methods to follow. As in case of rhinitis, one cannot get into a deep sleep which can affect the growth. Therefore, it can help to check TMJ treatment when there was no change in hospitals with chronic rhinitis or ozena. In my clinic, I could see 80~90% of patients who had rhinitis and ozena got better after TMJ treatment. (People don't get a deep sleep from melatonin excretion or lactic acid accumulation if they had TMJ dysfunction, but after a treatment they also got better)

3. Exercise is one of the important methods for growth and exercises involving active leg movement such as jump rope, hiking, walking, playing soccer, would sent more blood to the legs and would be good.


- Treatment experience of the boy's mother
I have a friend who has a daughter with distorted s shaped vertebrae that the daughter was going through many different painful treatments. My friend explained me about TMJ and teeth calibration and told me that problems with teeth could be the causes of stunted growth. I was amazed.

As I heard, one should get the treatment when he/she doesn't grow more than 4cm a year. My son was growing very slowly after 4th grade and he became the shorter one every semester. I was so worried about him.

His teeth were not aligned, and I thought about having him to get calibration for his protruded front teeth but I was worried that braces would block him from eating and would make him not growth.

We had an appointment in summer break with pediatrics in Samsung medicals about having growth hormone but after I heard it from my friend, I visited Dr. Hwang and started the treatment.
It was April, 1996 when my boy got the calibration.

Here is the record of his height all along till now.

Dec. 21st, 1994: 137cm
June 30th, 1995: 140cm
March, 1996: 143cm
He only got 3cm taller from 5th grade to 6th grade. Other friends of his got taller than him every day but my boy didn't change. Then after the treatment:
March, 1996: 143cm
June, 1996: 146cm
Aug. 15th, 1996: 147.7cm
Sept. 10th, 1996: 149.5cm
Nov. 6th, 1996: 150.5cm
Mar. 20th, 1997: 152cm

He has grown so much!
So I cancelled the appointment with growth hormone therapy. I could notice my son's hands getting bigger. I heard it from somewhere that is the hands gets bigger then that means one will get taller and my son's hands were growing; growing so fast to notice.

His protruded front teeth were now seemed in the place and he looked more neat and prettier. He seems to be satisfied with his changes and he checks his own height and takes care of the device by himself. (It was stress for him to check his height but he drew a graph on the wall and measures his height every time)

One would think that he grew up because it was his time but if I think what if he didn't grow as much as now without the device I just want to give enormous thanks to Dr. Hwang.

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